Look who is fabulous tonight.
I love Mr. Fables when he sheds. After that his skin has rainbow reflections and he is active and he is crawling everywhere and showing off

WIPI smell technique improvementClassic smudge shading + cleaned lineart? WIN WIN!

I smell technique improvement
Classic smudge shading + cleaned lineart? WIN WIN!

WIP of art trade with super-awesome dawnf1re Sketch is done, now a lot of hours of work, 3,2,1 GO

WIP of art trade with super-awesome dawnf1re 
Sketch is done, now a lot of hours of work, 3,2,1 GO

Fug m8, you're a real cutie.

Awww thank you C:

Sorry about the ice challenge, I hope you're alright :(

Oh, in allright for sure ^^ it just surprised me how actually cold that water was : D

How old are you?


Hi guys,
I was tagged by littlerubyrue to do this challenge.
This challenge is part of important thing, and thats gathering enough money to find cure to ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) which is horrible neurodegenerative disease … :/ If you can, please donate!

Part of this challenge was :
- spill bowl of cold water (only i can be that stupid to put actually whole bowl full of water to freezer before this) with ice cubes : checked!
- make stupid video of me screaming : checked!
- donate money if possible: checked!

I next tag :


Shhhhhlittlerubyrue , its readyyyyy

littlerubyrue , its readyyyyy

Do you have instagram?

I dont think i need one. I still didnt get purpose of instagram :D I think Tumblr is better as art portfolio. And i dont need to share any other photos :D

Or better idea, Q&A livestream, it sounds cool (about 20% cooler)

Well, If one day i manage to get better internet connection, i want to do art streams again :)